Mountain biking is not a cheap sport, and as a serial 'caser' of jumps, I took it upon myself to maintain the longevity of my wheels. 

Equiped with a basic *Brand-that-will-not-be-named* Wheel Stand and a friend who has successfully built many reliable wheels for many people, my initial wheel-truing learning experience was instantly met with frustration. A few minutes in and I began to question: how do I know I'm not pulling it too far to the one side?

The answer was to use another tool (dishing tool) that would ensure the rim remained centred to the hub. You'd think that there'd be a better way to do this than to constantly unmount the wheel, measure with the dishing tool, calculate, re-true. There is, however it costs upwards of $500, and even they can become inaccurate without calibration.

Thus Unwobbler was born.

The goal was create a simple stand that could adequately dish a wheel (centre the rim), without the hefty price tag. 

Many of the DIY designs on the internet lacked this feature. After many prototypes and learning experiences with a CNC router, it was put to the test and a strong wheel was successfully built from scratch. The old stand was immediately posted on Facebook Marketplace.

This stand is by no means claiming to be comparable to those $500+ stands, but the end result comes close. For at-home mechanics and fellow jump-casers, this is for you. Wishing you another successful season on a salvaged or previously-wobbly wheel.

- Janet