Born out of the undying need to straighten a wheel as a result of casing many jumps.

The Unwobbler Wheel Stand was designed to allow you to true or build your wheel with ease, without the hefty price-tag.

How it Started
  • 1. Set your hub width

  • 2. Set your rim position

  • 3. True / build your wheel

Entry-level price, high-end results.

A more affordable alternative to constant wheel flipping on a conventional $250+ stand, dishing tools that take up too much time for what they’re worth, and $500+ stands with questionable calibration.

Solid, Sturdy Construction

CNC Routered 3/4" Baltic Birch Ply

Pre-etched Hub Widths

For accuracy and ease of use

Steel Knurled Knobs

Solid and unplastic-y

Made in Canada

CNC routered & laser cut in Squamish using Baltic Birch Ply.